Business debts are different.

Collecting debts owed to you by other businesses is often problematic.

Yet again, this is an area where Advantage Collection Professionals excels.

We’ve learned that collecting delinquent business to business receivables require a personal touch; communications that are effective, but also sensitive to your customer's individual situation. By talking and carefully listening to your customers, we can locate where the problem began and, it is hoped, fix it. The point is to re-open communications with debtors who have closed their doors to you and eliminate the problems that stand between you and your money.

Our goal, of course, is to achieve the highest possible return on the debt that’s owed to you. At the same time, ACP strives to preserve the relationship between you and your customer whenever possible.

In a perfect world, we create an opportunity for debtors to become paying customers again even while we’re collecting your money. You’d be surprised to learn how often we manage just that.*

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