We provide a wholesale solution to retail debts.

According to ACA International™ - the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals - only about a third of collection agencies actively work to collect delinquent receivables in the retail segment. Yet it is another area where Advantage Collection Professionals takes the lead.

The normal recovery rate for retail debts is 19.7%.*

However, because of ACP’s expertise in the collection of accounts for retail stores and businesses that offer consumer services or credit, we have been able to design and implement specific methodologies that have resulted in recovery rates that soar above the industry average.**

We have collected 31.43% of the outstanding debt for a retail business in Wyoming, Minnesota, 39.82% for an East Grand Forks client, 47.34% for a client in White Bear Lake and 30.90% for a retailer in Cambridge, Minnesota.

Plus, we manage these high collections while preserving your customer relationships.

And since our compensation is derived solely from contingency fees charged upon the successful collection of delinquent accounts, money goes from our pockets to yours and never the other way around.

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*Top Collection Markets Survey commissioned by ACA International™ The Association of Credit and Collection Professionals (available upon request).

**Information available upon request.