Hiring ACP to collect delinquent student loans can be a learning experience.

It’s difficult to collect delinquent student loans despite the fact that there is so much of it - over $9 billion according to the U.S. Department of Education and that’s not counting hundreds of millions of dollars of unpaid institutional loans and accounts receivable.

Only one in every ten collection agencies even bother to try.*

Yet Advantage Collection Professionals is happy to specialize in the collection of higher education accounts. What’s more, because of our results oriented debt collection methodologies designed and implemented to meet the needs of specific institutions, our recovery rates nearly always exceed the 21% industry average.**

We recovered 35.62% of out-standing debts for a university located in St. Paul, Minnesota.

We collected 32.75% for a university in Minneapolis.

40.84% for another university located in St. Paul, Minnesota.

And our “kid gloves” approach helps preserve important alumni relationships.

Plus, our compensation is derived solely from contingency fees charged upon the successful collection of those accounts.

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*Top Collection Markets Survey commissioned by ACA International™ The Association of Credit and Collection Professionals (available upon request).

**Information available upon request.