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17% is the average recovery rate of delinquent debts owed to hospitals, according to ACA International,™ a trade association for professionals in the credit and collection industry. For nonhospital healthcare providers, the number is 21%.*

Yet Advantage Collection Professionals has designed and implemented results oriented debt-collection methodologies specifically for the healthcare industry that allow us to consistently exceed these percentages by wide margins.**

We recovered 49.32% of out-standing debts for a medical center 70 miles west of Minneapolis.

We collected 28.68% for a hospital in north central Minnesota.

For a medical clinic an hourís drive southwest of the Twin Cities our collection rate was 32.75%.

All while maintaining positive customer relations and the all-important doctor-patient relationship.

Whatís more, we can do the same for you.

This includes implementing special programs designed to help streamline your internal collection efforts.

Since our revenues are derived from contingency fees charged upon the successful collection of those accounts, our compensation is directly tied to the level of our success.

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*Top Collection Markets Survey commissioned by ACA International™ - The Association of Credit and Collection Professionals (available upon request).

**Information available upon request.