Litigation\Account Forwarding

Sometimes the gloves need to come off.

As our industry-leading recovery rates prove, most people respond well to a respectful, sympathetic, “kid gloves” approach to debt collection.

For the others there are lawyers.

When it is determined that your customers are unwilling to cooperate in resolving their debts - and we’ll give them every opportunity - ACP will request written authorization from you to pursue legal action on your behalf. This authorization also allows ACP to be your agent to remit proceeds and forward correspondence from our attorneys. (Legal/Forwarded rates apply to any funds collected from this point on.)

This is not a course of action we take lightly, but sometimes it is the only way to make customers take responsibility for their debts.

We “forward” bad debts.

In many cases, customers move out of the area to avoid their financial responsibilities. Instead of taking on the expense of chasing them down ourselves, we occasionally forward their delinquent accounts to collection agencies or law firms near where they relocate.

This will be done only after we have determined that an agency or law firm in that area would be better able to obtain pertinent information on your customer. And we will only work with licensed collection agencies and law firms that meet our professional criteria. (Legal/Forwarded fees apply to any funds collected from this point on.)

Our goal is simple - to collect the money that is owed you.

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