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Ask yourself: what is the total amount of your outstanding receivables and can your business survive if you’re forced to write off the entire balance? Now ask: do you want to be the person to make the collection calls?

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We work diligently to learn and understand the unique challenges of your market sector, factoring your needs, processes and industry trends into a custom-designed program that will achieve your collection goals and improve your bottom line without impugning your good name.

And we do such a good job of it, our collections nearly always exceed the industry average - regardless of the industry.*

What’s more, our revenues are derived strictly from contingency fees charged upon the successful collection of those accounts - if we don’t recover your debt, you owe us nothing.

Learn how working with Advantage Collection Professionals to recover your delinquent receivables is simple, efficient and above all, rewarding. Just click on “Contact Us” and a member of our staff will contact you as quickly as possible.

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*Top Collection Markets Survey commissioned by ACA International™ - The Association of Credit and Collection Professionals (available upon request).